Company Overview


10,355,847,788 yen


President Yoshishige Shimatani

Number of Employees


Place of Business
  • Main Office/Tokyo
  • Studio/Tokyo (Seijou)
  • Directly Managed Theaters/2 Theaters
    • 帝国劇場 Imperial Theatre
    • シアタークリエ Theatre Creation
  • Primary Leased Buildings
    • 有楽町センタービル Yurakucho Center Bldg.
    • 東宝日比谷ビル Toho Hibiya Bldg.
    • 東京宝塚ビル Tokyo Takarazuka Bldg.
    • 東宝シアタークリエビル Toho Theatre Creation Bldg.
    • HEPナビオ HEP Navio Bldg.
    • 東宝南街ビル Toho Nangai Bldg.
Overseas Offices

Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong

Description of Primary Business
  • Motion Picture Department
    • Producing, buying/selling, and renting movies
    • Producing and selling television programs
    • Producing and selling movie pamphlets and video software
    • Business related to merchandising rights, and other activities
  • Theatrical Department
    • planning, producing, and performing stage productions
  • Corporate Real Estate Department
    • Leasing of land/buildings, and others
Address of Main Office

1-2-2 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo